this is my first short trail ride here in cagayan de oro city with these guys(on the above image) from the left front Niño the rockstar, Vince the super egg, Jayson the tunog mayaman hub, left from the back jigz the president, larry the racer man, off-course Adrian(me) the high-blood man according to jigz and jeffrey the chubby, oh wait there's one more to mention the child behind niño actually we dont know her she's from the hawaii association community and she's our gorgeous photo bomber.

we conquer the famous hawaii trail of cagayan de oro with the duration of 3hrs and 33 mins with the distance of 48.9km with the average speed of 13.8kph max speed of 44.6kph elevation up 772m elevation down 774m and we burned 965cal with average pace of 4:21min/km according runtastic app which is downloaded via appstore.

from the image above the exact route of hawaii trail with the rocky and steepy trail which we found challenging specially for the beginners like me. If you want to experience challenging and exciting trail, going to hawaii of cagayan de oro city is very nice to experience. olah! 

some selfie time

(Larry the Racer Man and Jigz the President)

beautiful view at the top

the group take a little bit of rest(jigz, vince, jason, and jeffrey)

the exit of hawaii trail going to kabula zigzag back to city proper

jigz and larry exchanging corny jokes hahahahah

another beauty of nature

7 months ago Adrian Panoy

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    Panzky 07/05/17 | 7 months ago

    nice routes, can i join on your next ride going there? im from cagayan de oro city too.... :)

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